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Las Alpujarras Weather PDF Print E-mail
Useful Information

Las Alpujarras has its own unique weather system. Whereas on the coast the temperatures are fairly constant all year round, the combination of mountain air and valleys in Las Alpujarras make the weather more changeable. 

Summers are often hot and dry, with temperatures up to the 30Cs. Rain and cloud is rare, but can occur in the higher mountains, however it never lasts long. Winters are still quite warm and relatively sunny during the day, but can be a lot colder at night after the sun has gone down.  If visiting during this time, it is recommended you bring jumpers and jeans.  Both seasons have their advantages - a BBQ in the summer, and an evening in-front of a roaring fire in the winter.

The best time for walking in Las Alpujarras is from April to mid-June, and from mid-September to mid-November.

As Las Alpujarras is a delightful mixture of mountains and valleys it is difficult to give a guide of expected temperatures as the weather can change during just a short journey from village to village, and from different altitudes.

4 day weather forecast for Órgiva, Las Alpujarras

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