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Walk from Ferreirola, through La Taha valley, near Pitres PDF Print E-mail
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Las Alpujarras Walks

This is a well-signed, clear path with outstanding views of the La Taha valley and Rio Trevelez, the white villages around Pitres, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range over to Granada.  It takes about 5 hours to complete, is circular, and is about 8 ½ miles in distance. There are frequent coloured lines painted on stones/fences etc, to guide you.  (If there is a choice of paths, one painted line will be crossed through therefore telling you to take the other path).  There is some steep climbing, but the views are well worth it!  We recommend you take plenty of water, strong walking boots, and a good walking map.  It is a good idea to wear layers of clothes, as in the valley it may be warm, but during the walk you climb quite a distance and it may not be so warm up high.  There are 2 suggested stops for lunch/snacks/a well-deserved rest, so you may like to bring food for these. We strongly recommend you take a good quality walking map; please do not rely on these walk details alone! 

From Ferreirola (you can park outside the church), follow the streets down out of the village, past a fountain and wash house, towards a path leading along olive groves, marked with a signpost saying GR142 Busquistar.  Follow this path, until you come to a division, one path signed for Busquistar to the left and the other to the right signed Rio, choose the Rio path, and follow this down to the river.  You pass a threshing platform as you gradually descend, passing through trees and catching only glimpses of the river below.  This is a good place to see birds of prey circling high above.  When you reach the river (Rio Trevelez), you will see Los Banos de Panjuilla which are ruined public baths, more than 1000 years old.  Cross the river by a bridge, the river is still quite far below and forcing its way powerfully through a narrow gorge.  Climb the other side of the valley, up a zig-zag path.  This path is very quaint and gives superb views of the valley, with gradually more white villages coming into view the higher you climb, however it is a very steep path so this is a perfect place for your first meal/rest stop halfway up.  At the top continue to follow the path until you come to small group of houses near a quiet road.  Turn right as you reach the houses and continue along the path.  You are now on Corona which is 1375m in height.  This path continues through woodland, looking down on the other side of the valley you previously walked upon, and across to the Sierra Nevada mountains.  You should be able to see all the 7 white villages of La Taha as you progress along.  Follow this path for 4 ½ km until you reach a junction with a path going down to the right.  Take this path, past a farm housing goats (unless they are roaming on the hill alongside you!).  This path descends quite steeply in a series of zig-zags down the hillside, some parts having quite steep drops so take care, but the views are very dramatic and rewarding.   The path comes to a very old looking, (but safe!) Muslim bridge crossing the river, as it forces its way powerfully through a narrow gorge.  There is an old ruined Muslim mill by the bridge.  The path you have just come down apparently used to be used by the silk thread traders, which was one of the main industries of Las Alpujarras during the 15th century.  If you turn immediately right after crossed the bridge, there is a lovely spot for another meal/rest beside the water as it tumbles over rocks on its way down to the gorge under the bridge.  Turn back to the path you left after you crossed the bridge, and follow this path as it progresses quite steeply up the valley side.  Look back often though for more views of the gorge and river, and of the hillside path you climbed down on the other side.  This path does get progressively steeper, so you will have appreciated your stop just before beginning.  It runs up into the village of Fondales, walk through the streets to reach the road, then follow this road along to Mecinilla village, past the white church and turn right at the wash house to go through Mecina village.  The road then continues into Ferreirola village, and to the start of the walk.    

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